Saturday, August 2, 2008

At 14 weeks, I am desperately trying to come up with some kind of reason to call Natalie at Gladney and talk to her about when we will get our phone call. I know how silly this sounds, but I just want some kind of assurance that this process will one day (hopefully very, very soon) come to an end and we will have our baby. I remember when I was pregnant with Blake that the last few weeks felt like they would never be over...I remember thinking: Oh my gosh...I am going to be pregnant forever...this child will never come out. I am very much at this stage in our adoption. I feel like this process will never end and I will forever be waiting for "the call" to come. Oh God, please, please give me patience during the weeks to come.


Brad and Fran Hoagland said...

I know what you mean, and there havent been any referrals in quite some time. Come on referrals!!!!!

Clark and Sarah said...

Hi, my name is Sarah. I have been following your blog since you were first thinking about adopting from Zambia. I found you when I was also looking into adopting from Zambia. My husband and I are on the waiting list as well for a referral from Ethiopia (though we are using a different agency All God's Children). I just wanted to finally say hi and tell you how much I have loved following you on your journey thus far. Your referral will come soon I am sure. Until then hold on. I know that referrals are always slow this time of year with the courts closing. We are going through the same thing with our agency.

-Sarah G.

sparkz said...

Doesn't sound silly at all I would want to call too. I would really like to see some referrals issued its making me a little worried. esp. since several families didn't make it through court and now have to wait until Oct.

Farmboy and Buttercup said...

I completely remember feeling that way, wanting to call Natalie, and always hoping she would give us just a crumb of news. But she is just too good and sweet to let anything slip out.

And now that we have had our kids for almost 4 months now, I can say that it really is true that the pain of the wait is all but forgotten once you have your children in your arms. Not that the pain of waiting now isn't VERY real for you.

Hoping you will hear sweet Natalie's voice very soon.