Wednesday, December 31, 2008

We are leaving tomorrow...I cannot believe it. We are all packed and very much ready to go. We will arrive in Addis on the 3rd. We are so excited to finally be at this point in the adoption process. The last few days have been so so crazy. We have been running around getting formula, and medications and snacks and borrowing large suit cases and cleaning the house and just trying to get as much as we possibly can done. We are looking forward to sitting on a plane for hours watching movies and just resting (as much as one who is going to pick up their new child can rest).

We apprecite your prayers and amazing encouraging words. Thank you for your support during this crazy time. We are off to bring our baby girl home! Praise God!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

I've got a couple of questions about how much our flights were...especially after being told it was $12,000.00 per ticket...each ticket was about 2,000.00...much, much better than 12,000.00! On Friday we bought our tickets and made our reservation at the guest house we will be staying at...Friday was the first night that I could actually relax a little bit and I ended up crashing into bed around 7:15 at night - I slept for over 12 hours. It was just such a relief to know that we had our tickets and a place to stay in Addis. The last week was so emotional...I really needed to crash like that.

We also got an update on Friday (what a great week!) here is what they said:

"Brecken continues to become more and more active. She is now working
very hard to get anything that is within her reach. whether that be my
glasses, my camera, or a toy. She has a sweet personality, and
enjoys being held and played with. She has a beautiful smile, and
enjoyed playing with me and Enoch when we came to visit.

Weight: 7 kg (15.4 lbs)"

And a new picture:

Friday, December 19, 2008

The last few days have been so, so crazy busy with work and church and preparing for our trip...and just relishing the fact that Brecken will be in our arms in just a few short days.

We have been busy checking flights and trying to make our travel lists and everything. On Wednesday we called on of the airlines and was told that a ticket to Addis would be 12,000.00 (yes, you are reading that correctly)...I remembered all the families who have said such wonderful things about Susan Parr Travel and I decided to call them to reserve our flight. They have been amazing so far. We leave in two weeks! There was no way that I thought we would be leaving so very, very soon.

Here is another picture of our sweet Brecken.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

She is offically ours!

We passed Court! Introducing our daughter, Brecken Hope Arsema Dunn!
We did not get much sleep last night...I kept waking up and figuring out what time it was in Ethiopia and wondering if that was the time that they were hearing our case in court.

This whole thing really hit me last night...WOW! This could be the day when she becomes ours...forever. I will be sure to post as soon as I know any news. Thank you for all the prayers...I got calls yesterday letting me know that they are praying for our case to go through court. We have been surrounded by so much encouragement and love over the last few days. Thank you, dear friends for walking with us as we travel this crazy adoption road.

Monday, December 15, 2008

On it's way...

We sent a little Christmas gift for our sweet girl to Rebecca. She is leaving on Saturday to pick up her baby boy. Lord please grant them traveling mercies! Thank you, Rebecca for blessing us by bring this to her. I had wanted to make this little book for quite a while. It is a little quilted picture book. There are pictures of sweet baby in it as well as her new big sister and mommy and daddy. I used the sheets of cotton that you can print on to get the pictures on to the fabric...that stuff is way cool.
Our court date is only 1.5 days crazy. The next few days are so busy for us...thank is forcing me to think of things other than Wednesday. I am just praying that God's hand will move all the families who share our court date through without a problem...wouldn't that be amazing if we all made it through!!! Can't wait to hear all the families who pass through court on Wednesday!!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Girl Effect

I came across this video yesterday and it so speaks to my heart...lots and lots of tears as I watched this.

You can check out the website here.

Monday, December 8, 2008


Our court day is just nine short days away...can you believe it?! I am so excited for next Wednesday and also a bit nervous. We are asking you to join us the next nine days in praying for our court date. Please take one minute during your day (12:17 in the afternoon) to be praying for our court appointment. Here is how you can be praying specifically:

Pray that our case is heard on December 17th
Pray that all our documents are complete.
Pray for the birth mother - I believe she needs to be at this court day, please pray for her travel, and that she will be given an amazing amount of peace.
Pray for all the other families that also have a court date for December 17th.
Pray for us that Wednesday will find us full of patience and peace.

Thank you for your prayers and support...we have been so blessed by all of your support!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

It was a year ago yesterday that we were waiting to hear if we would be able to start the adoption process with Gladney after having our first agency close down their Ethiopia program. There were lots and lots of tears during this week last year. I remember being so frustrated but also so peaceful...just trying to be patient and wait for God's timing. I remember someone telling me that our little girl was probably not born yet and we just had to wait a bit longer for her to come into the world. A year later...we have less than two weeks until our court date and we know who our baby is. There has been such an amazing change from last year. We are so excited about the changes coming in the next few weeks....God is so good and we are trusting in his's never failed us yet.