Saturday, May 17, 2008

Week Four

Week four is officially over....Bring on week number 5!
This week, I was introduced to the Red Letters Campaign...this is a really cool site that helps people fight extreme poverty, preventable desiese, and connect orphans with loving families. They partner with all sorts of amazing organizations. Their goal is to help people who have a passion for helping others. Whether you passion is for making sure others have clean drinking water, or someone who has a passion for Africa, or South America, or someone who has the desire to help those who are starving, RLC wants to help by connecting you with organizations that are making a true difference. This is also a place to be able to network with others who desire to see change and are doing something about it! Please look at their website! For all you adoption bloggers, you can get on their Adoption Journal Page by simply emailing them your information and a picture.
Visiting RLC also introduced me to this book. Red Letters is a book all about being Jesus' hands and feet in a hungry and hurting world. It is a call to take what Jesus told us to do (feed the hungry, love others, care for orphans and widows) and radically change the world. Though I have not actually read this book yet, I am so encouraged by the author and am energized to try to do more to simply love others. This book is now on my list of Summer Reads...can't wait to get to it!


nancy said...

i have read this book 3 times and rave about it all over my blog. you also need to read "fields of the fatherless" (same author). both are quick reads but totally convicting.

Amber said...

RLC is a great opportunity and I'm glad we have a lot of RLC bloggers!