Wednesday, October 24, 2007

We turned in our I 600 A documentation yesterday...our Application for Advanced Processing of Orphan we wait. We wait for our home study to be written up, we wait to be called in to do more finger printing (this time for the FBI) and we wait until we can send in our dossier. We are definitely learning patience during this process. We are moving forward though and that is exciting. I know the next few months will fly by what with the Thanksgiving and Christmas, and before we know it, we will receive our referral, the picture and information of our's coming, I know it is. God is oh so good. This whole process is in His control.
In the mean time...please be praying for:
  • Our I 600 A - that it will be processed quickly
  • Our Shaohannah's Hope Application - this is the application for an adoption grant - please pray that we will be able to get in all of the needed documentation turned in by November 8th. Yikes!
  • Our financial needs for the adoption - Please be praying for our silent auction and dinner coming up in a few weeks
  • Prayer for our daughter and her birth family - As this is a time of great celebration for us, we have no idea what our daughter and her birth family are experiencing right now...please be praying for peace for them.


Orrange said...

congrats on getting your i600a done! one more step behind you!
we will be praying for you three and for your new girl and her birthfamily.

{B} said...

Hi Courtny! I am so glad I finally have a link to your site!