Thursday, October 4, 2007

Tuesday, October 9th, 2007:

The date when our home study case will be presented and approved! Our meeting yesterday went just wonderfully. Our social worker asked us questions about our parenting style, why we wanted children, and how we run our household. Then, we did a walk through of the house and it was over! Yay! It will take about about a month for her to write up our home study, then we can send everything in!
Since we have an approved home study, there are so many things to get done this month so we can move are just a few:
  • Get another crib for Baby Ethiopia so we have pictures of her room to turn in with the dossier.
  • Turn in our USCIS documents
  • Turn in our application to Shaohannah's Hope for adoption grants
  • Send in our dossier paperwork!

Please be praying that each of these thing will get do with no major road blocks.

Thank you for all your prayers and encouragements....I love reading your comments!

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Orrange said...

hey Britlee, I found your blog through a post you left on Amanda's. Great to hear that your home study went well and that you guys are moving along!!!! Are you on the ethiopia google group yet?