Friday, October 12, 2007

Melissa Fay Greene

I have shared my love for the book There Is No Me Without You...because reading is not Andy's favorite thing in the world, we have been listening to this book on CD. Reading (or listening to it) for the second time has really weighed on my heart. My heart just aches for these kids who have watched their parents, brothers, sisters, teachers, mentors, neighbors, schoolmates, and even themselves waste away to HIV/AIDS. I found this video of Melissa Fay Greene, the author, speaking about Aids and Adoption. The full video is over an hour long and can be viewed here.


H. McBrayer said...

Brittlee, i would LOOOVE to catch up with you when i'm in CO for christmas. I'll be there the 23rd through Jan.2. It seems God has been moving our hearts in similar ways since we last saw each other... or at least we have had some similar experiences! You in town for christmas?

{B} said...

I will be here! I can't wait to see you!