Friday, September 28, 2007

Last Home Study Meeting

On Wednesday we will have our last home study meeting...our social worker will come to our home, meet our daughter, and just check things out. After that, she will write up the entire home study file on us. Once we have our approved home study, we can send in our USCIS (United States Custom and Immigration Services) paperwork saying that we are in the process of looking for a child to adopt in Ethiopia, and we can send in our dossier. What is a dossier? Here is the definition from the dictionary:
dos·si·er : a collection or file of documents on the same subject, esp. a complete file containing detailed information about a person or topic.

It is just all the paperwork that we have been gathering for the past months including our home study. We will send our dossier in to our agency and they will look over it and then it will be sent to the government. After it is approved, they will start looking for our daughter! We will keep you updated about how Wednesday goes. Thanks for all those prayers and encouraging words.

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anita said...

this is actually the first time i've read the word "daughter" about your adoption...i wasn't sure if you wanted a boy or girl, or didn't care...sounds so awesome!